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 MandirNet > History of Hindu Temples

No two temples are alike. Temples are the places where art and devotion meet, where the human mind finds peace and solace, in the adobe of the almighty, and the almighty manifests, for devotees in one of many forms.

Every temple has a tale to tell! And history to share. From Somnath in Gujarat to Angkor Wat Cambodia in Cambodia, from Kanya Kumari, where three oceans meet, to Amarnath, where a temple for Lord Shiva stands in the mighty Himalayas.

We present here, the rich history of temples from around the world. It is a cyber journey that will take you through the interesting tails about construction of the temple and the brutal destruction of some of the most fabulous temples in the history.

While Hindus in the west, and in the east continue to build the temples, an insight into what has happened to thousands of temples in the past is worth a look

We hope that the Hindus, for generations to come, look at the history of temples as a reflection to their culture and dharma. The goal is not the politicization of temples and the history, rather, it is to learn from the history. After all, those who do not learn from history are condemed to relive it.

While the Government of India has shown eagerness to rebuilt the non-Hindu places of worship destroyed by the terrorists

Temple Destruction

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